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Kat Power of Ontario, Canada

Allison Kropff of Tampa, Florida 

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creative ideas since 1968. Built of @beforeideas came from Chickfila work time period Palm Harbor, Florida talking out ideas with co workers from 1997 to 2007. Ideas in Movies, Music, Radio, Television, Computers and Corporations. Too many ideas to list. Very gifted with doing @beforeideas

Before Ideas Enterprises for Foundation Name Future Generations.  

Stacie Snow and Walter Wiesman  

Before Ideas Enterprises LLC. 

About $6 billion Net Worth  

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I do podcast radio shows every Friday mid afternoon on demand shows. I heart radio and spotify platforms. Music Talk about 

King Bob's life.  CorollaRadio.com

Dec 13 Birthday Wish. Age 55

Bob Blockus

December 13 2018 Birthday Wish 

1400 Alpine Creek DR. Raleigh, NC 27614. 7 beds 12 baths 18,398 sq ft built 1999

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I would take a new Nissan SUV


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